Grooming is offered Tuesday through Friday at scheduled times. We have appx. 4-6 grooming slots per day. We focus on quality not quantity to ensure you and your dog get the best possible results. Our professional groomers have the time needed to do a great job and we have no plans to change that. We can call you when they are completed or you can elect to have your dog (if eligible) use our Groom and Play program allowing them to play before and/or after their grooming time.

Please call 763-478-0203 to schedule an appointment. Please try to plan ahead as we are usually booked 1-2 weeks out.


Prices vary due to the breed size, length and condition of the coat. We can provide you with the average price range for the service(s) you want over the phone or in person. 

Once our groomers have had the opportunity to meet your dog, assess the condition of the coat, and discuss the type of grooming desired, a more exact price can be given. We note what we do at each session so when you return we can give you the same services from your previous trips. 

 The Full Service Groom includes: Bath, Conditioner, Brushing, Nail Trim, Ear Cleaning and the Haircut.

Our Bath Package includes: Bath, Conditioner, Brushing, Nail Trim and Ear Cleaning and No hair cutting.

We also offer nail grinds/trims, de-shedding packages and basic baths. We only use high quality shampoos and conditioners which are coat and eye friendly. We have the option of using high speed hand dryers and a non-heated cage dryers so we can select the drying service based on your dogs comfort.

Proof of current rabies vaccination is required for any of our grooming services.